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Q: Is it some sort of ecommerce website builder, something like wordpress etc?

A: Our product is a ready made custom build full service script. Its not like wordpress or any other website buillders. You just have to buy your package and get a hosting account and we will do the rest for you. We will set it up on your hosting account and will upload the apps to your app store accounts.

Q: Which technology stack used for its development?

A: Our product’s frontend webstore, backend admin panel and API has been developed using a powerful, fast and secure php framework Yii 2. App stack is Phonegap, Cordova.

Q: Are you providing hosting services for this product?

A: No, we are not providing any sort of hosting services for now. You will have to buy your own hosting account to host your web store. You can get your hosting plan from hosting companies such as GoDaddy or DigitalOcean etc.

Q: How many days needed to setup this on my hosting?

A: If you buy a starter package or a basic package, we will set it up within 72 hours as soon as you provide us your hosting account details and your app store account details.

Q: Are there any specific requirements for getting hosting account?

A: Yes, you can follow this link to check the requirements needed for the hosting plan. You must fulfill all the requirements to execute the script without any trouble.

Q: How i can pay?

A: You can pay via paypal or Transferwise.

Q: Is this a one time payment?

A: Yes, we charge one time for any package you select. But once your support period expires, you will have to pay for further support.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: You will have to pay 100% payment for Starter & Basic Package. But if you select the Professional package, then 50% upfront & 50% after the completion & implementation of the designs.

Q: What about support after 3 Months?

A: Once your default support period expires, you will have to pay as required.