Best Custom Ecommerce Platform For 2018

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Today, We will talk about the Best Ecommerce Platform for the year 2018 – Ecom Deal. Before that let’s take a little step backwards. Gone are the days when there used to be no concept of Ecommerce Platforms and online shopping. We all remember that we used to plan long enough before going to shop for ourselves, for our friends and for the family. Internet was just confined to online chatting with friends and browsing about fun stuff on Google & Yahoo!

No one would have ever thought in those days that as we progress into our lives, connecting with everything in the World would become inevitable like this, the user-friendliness would go to these heights and immersion will be like we will feel you are in a virtual world.

Whether you talk about video games, chatting with your friends and family, hangout, entertainment shows, movies, business or any other walk of your life. You name it and you will realize that virtually every single ingredient of your life has been revolutionized over the years.


An Ecommerce Platform is brand that creates another brand which is Ecommerce store. Products are now not only our source to fulfill our basic needs. They have now become our premium resource to improve our quality of life which is why they are called Brands. Brands create experiences. Brands improve our quality of life and takes us to another level of satisfaction.


Ecommerce has changed the trends of shopping. It is literally doing wonders, With world now being a global village, you can order anything you want far away from seven seas even and it will reach to your doorstep within a limited days frame.

An Ecommerce store is a big brand itself and to create that brand you need another brand which is The Ecommerce Platform. Today, there are many Ecommerce stores running successfully by entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide through websites, mobiles apps and social media.

An Ecommerce Platform is a platform for Ecommerce Store developers to create and run an online business store in order to provide comfort and quick service to the final customers.


Ecom Deal is a newly launched Ecommerce Platform in the digital market horizon. As the name suggests, this online store platform contains a total package for its users. It’s like a deal covering many things. The brand variety, rich-features and inexpensiveness makes it the best Ecommerce Platform for the year 2018. Let’s take a look at 5 core features Ecom Deal is offering to ecommerce website/app store developers.


Ecom Deal is a ready-made script for the users to install and kickstart their online business stores. You can call it a simple Plug N Play version. The design and basic important features are all in-built. Users just have to get it and nothing to bother about the system setup and its design.


What differentiates Ecom Deal with other ecommerce platforms is the hybrid app feature this brand is offering. Now, you can enable ecommerce store for your Hybrid iOS and Android Apps by selecting the respective version.


To survive in this fast-paced technological world, you have to think Out of the Box! To comply that, Ecom Deal package offers 3 months customer support absolutely free of any charge. The support team works hand in hand with the users to setup the complete system and fix any issues they encounter during the experience. 3 Months is enough time isn’t it?


Many Ecommerce store developers get free versions of Ecommerce platforms but as they dig deep into that product, hassles start to flood in like a thunderstorm. Ultimately users get compelled to outsource development which comes with heavy costs. Even the big giants in this business charging heavy bucks to provide development support.

In order to work hassle-free and run your online store operations smoothlu, Ecom Deal offers high-class personalized support at competitive rates. You don’t need to go anywhere any longer and face troubles in coordination and costing.


With the kind of variety and user-friendliness Ecom Deal has brought to its users. The price plans are quite affordable and competitive. You can select which specific feature you want in your platform and you will get a quote right in your inbox! For example, not everyone wants an app and website with design, he/she can be happy with the in-built design, gets a quote different from the one wants a design as well. The customization starts right when you start filling out the form to get the quote.


Ecom Deal is a valuable Ecommerce Platform because of its  iOS/App design alongside the webstore, user-friendliness and quality customer support right on your desktop/mobiles. You can download the demo of Ecom Deal and give it a try before giving a shot at Get A QUOTE

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